Enough energy for…

I looked at the weather yesterday, and Sunday was due to be the only nice day for the foreseeable future.., so I brought my long run forward from Thursday, to today.

13.1 miles in the weather above, sure would be more pleasant than 13.1 miles in the weather below… So although I ran my last long run on Thursday (Garmin training effect 5.0), I’d had 2 days rest and figured I could take this long 13.1 mile one a bit easier.

So I did. I was out the door just after 820am, and kept my heart rate to about 150. Easy running. 🙂 it took about 4 miles to get into it, then I felt great and felt like I could go on for ever. When I had about 2 miles left, I let myself go and just ran as I felt, letting my HR go up to 165 for a bit.

Some fast last few miles, but I didn’t look at the time once. It was all done on distance and HR, and I felt great.

I was fuelled by 2 weetabix, a cabana and some coffee before I started, then 2 of these babies about 4 and 8.5 miles in:

I wonder how long 16 of these SIS caffeine energy gels will last me? And I wonder of the caffeine boost at 4 miles got me in the mood for the run, or whether the endorphins were kicking in anyway.

Recovery was some stretching with a Henry and Smudge the neighbourhood cats in the sun, then a Chocolate milkshake, water and shower. Lunch before swimming teaching and more water should keep me going. 🙂

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2 Responses to Enough energy for…

  1. Naureen says:

    Hi Lorne,
    Loving your blog!!! Great run there, could you tell me how you know if you need to take these caffeine gels? and where/which ones to get? Thank you.

    • lornpearson says:

      Hi Naureen. Everyone is different but they tend to say of you’re running for more than 60-90 minutes you should take on some form of energy, and water. I went through quite a few and found these were my favourites. I get mine from Cotswolds as I get a discount but you can get them online, and even from tesco. 🙂

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