Run, swim, run, swim, run

The last 2 weeks have been good – getting back into my running…30 miles one week, then recovery week of about 22 miles. 3 runs a week and plenty of rest.

I did have swimming in my plan… but up to now I haven’t managed to drag my ass out of bed to get to the pool! Tut tut.

That all changes from next week. My first thing I’m going to do next week, on Monday morning is go for a swim. And I’ll aim to swim 2-3 times next week, along with 3 runs including a wee half marathon before work on Thursday. 🙂 See the route in the link – it’s a half marathon I’ve done a few times – although I might need to replan it not to go through Pollok Park so early in the morning (530-730am).

Anyway – back to the swimming…

80 lengths of 2000m. Not much structure to the swim, just 8 x 250m / 10 lengths, alternating between front crawl swim and front crawl arms only.

I’ll need to make it important enough to get up for, and put emphasis on it to get me up and out to swim. I can do this!

Early nights will be a must as will a little sprinkling of will power – and perhaps I should sleep in my swimming costume too? 😉

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