11M : I made time for it

5:30am I wake up.
I lie in the dark for a bit.
5:40am I get up and I quietly sneak into the hall to get dressed into the gear I left out.
Eyes half shut, toilet then downstairs.
Water, Starbucks Doubleshot iced coffee and some Greek yoghurt.

I’m wrapped up warm, short leggings, compression top, Tshirt, 2 gillets: a warm one and a shiny bright reflective one. Gloves, hat, spare buff.
6:03am I leave the house.
It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s raining.
I’ve got 10 miles ahead of me.

Tunes on, new playlist.
The streets are mine.
They’re empty, with just a few cars and people.
The roads are mine, no traffic, no dodging cars or fumes.
I love running at this time in the morning.

Running to my heart rate.
I try to keep it pretty easy 150-160.
Until 8 miles in, I let go, running mostly downhill.
My heart rate creeps up to 167-171.
Beasting it. 🙂
Great tunes too.

I saw 4 other runners, and 2 smokers lighting up their first fag of the day.
Lots of commuters and no dog walkers.
I’m feeling so good towards the end that I add a mile on.
Feeling great.

It started off in the dark, was really windy, cold, 2’C, pouring driving rain at points.
Bright lights from cars, hopefully I dazzled them with my bright top. 😉
It finished as the light came up, 1 hour 31 of running before breakfast, as most people lay in their bed.

Avg HR 158, Max HR 171
Garmin Training Effect 5.0!!! 🙂

Home to a milkshake, water, stretching and shower then breakfast and work!

Today I made time for it. And it was well worth it. 😀 now time for fuel and recovery.


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2 Responses to 11M : I made time for it

  1. Gav says:

    Well done – didn’t run last night because it was raining and I was tired. But you’ve now motivated me to complete a double header fri & sat 20miler … Needed that thanks !!

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