Wk5 into Wk6

Last week I decided I’d ease off the strength work and get back into my running.

With 13 weeks to go to the Belfast marathon I posted my training plan which includes 3 runs a week, 2 swims a week and 1 strength training session as cross training. I’ll ditch the strength work and one swim a week if I’m tired and in need of rest / recovery instead.

Long runs will be done either on Thursday morning before work, or at the weekend.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest day (4.4M walking).
Tue: 9.5M run
Wed: Rest (3.0M walking).
Thu: 5.1M run
Fri: Rest (2.4M walking).
Sat: 14.5M run
Sun: Rest / Swimming teaching.

29.1M running
9.8M walking 🙂

A pure running, walking and rest week. No strength work or swimming! Just what I needed to remind me I’m back to training for a marathon. Plus a few good walks too.

I came off running any longer than 5 miles for about three weeks there, and man it feels good to be doing it again!

On Tuesday afternoon after running my second longest run of the year, by about 3pm my legs were a little tender and needing stretched. Usually I’d be fine with a wee 9 mile run, but I need to get my legs up to this and take it easy when I’m running long.

On Saturday, we did a good steady run – 14.5 miles up lots of hills, 10 minute miling, comfortable for me with my HR at 139 on average. My legs were fine the next day and I was just a little tired on Sunday.

I’ve chosen to have a rest morning today, and run wi Fit Girl tonight instead if strength work this morning. I need to get ready for work anyway. 🙂 (food prep).

Here’s what I’m planning on next week:

Mon: 4M run (PM)
Tue: Swim
Wed: 5M run (coaching)
Thu: 10-11M run (before work)
Fri: Swim
Sat: Rest / Strength
Sun: Rest / Swimming Teaching

My boss should be back after around 5 weeks off today, so work should ease off soon. Phew! Lots and lots to catch up on!

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