Everything is Awesome!

I went to see the LEGO movie with my brother and nephews on Sunday – and to quote the song from it… ‘Everything is AWESOME!’.

I dare you to play that and not have it go over and over in your head!

Today was awesome. A nice lie in, and an early start at work, preparing for my boss to be back after around 6 weeks off. Then a good 5.5 mile run with Fit Girl, before going back to work and physically removing my boss out of the building by 7pm. 😉

Before all of that, I downloaded about 3/4s of what I knew to her in a meeting with her this morning and was pleasantly surprised (and very grateful) when she gave me some vouchers to the Amarone Restaurant in the centre of Glasgow. 🙂 Lucky me (and Fit Girl!).

Everything is, indeed, awesome! 😀 do do do do do do do do do de dum.

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