Walking the walk :-D

As you may already know, today was my ‘rest day’ from training. No planned training, as I was up early travelling to Edinburgh with work, and late home.

No planned TRAINING as such, but plenty if ACTIVITY. ThE underground isn’t far away, and I could have got the train, but instead I WALKED.

4.4 miles / 1 hour 15:
Over 10,000 steps today.

I was up earlier than normal and out the door to walk to the train station.

A fast paced 25 minute walk to the train station, then just under 15 mins from the station to the BBC in Edinburgh. 2.2 miles and a chance to think and get ready for work.

Then the same on the way home, fast 15 mins to the train station, then a nice 25 minute walk home, downloading the day and feeling proud to have been able to do the things I’ve done.

People I know tend to slag walking:

It’s not running, it’s not hard enough, you should walk when you’re running.

Well I say it’s great: Walking is great. See the benefits in the images in this post for proof.

I walked over 10,000 steps today (so my Nike FuelBand says / over 3,000 Fuel points) and although it wasn’t ‘training’ as such, it was active, it was recovery, and it felt GREAT. 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Walk more, take the stairs more, be more active. You might just like it.

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