Wk4 into Wk5

So the work continues. Covering for my boss at work since 13th Jan, since the beginning of this year really (she was on leave right from Xmas day anyway, so it’s all month really. Next week will be week 4 of covering).

It’s good, challenging and taking a little more time out of my life than it would normally, but it’s ok. It’s just for a short period time and I feel fine taking the extra on. I’ll rest at the weekend, and on Friday I have a half shift to hopefully go book a big holiday, so it’s all good. 🙂

Today I was in Edinburgh and on Monday I’m going back through. I don’t mind travelling to Edinburgh and it’s nice to work with other people. It’s fine as long as I can plan and treat an Edinburgh day as a rest day (exercise wise).

The time on the train and the walks to and from home / stations / work are nice too. 😉

Anyway, here is my training plan for this week, and next:

This week: Wk4
Mon: Strength Supersets.
Tue: Strength Supersets, +lunchtime run, Strength coaching.
Wed: 5.1M run, then 4M run coaching.
Thu: Rest (Edinburgh)
Fri: Strength Supersets
Sat: ? Whatever wi Fit Girl
Sun: 7-9M easy run & Swimming Teaching.

Next week: Wk5
Mon: Rest (Edinburgh)
Tue: Strength Supersets, +lunchtime run
Wed: Strength Supercircuits
Thu: 5.1M run, Run coaching
Fri: Strength Supersets
Sat: Rest? Fun time / relaxation / time wi Fit Girl
Sun: 14-15M run wi JA & Swimming Teaching.

Most of my training will be done in the morning 630-730ish with a few extras for others at other times (lunchtime runs / coaching runs). Evenings I hope to leave work at a reasonable time!

Sorted. 🙂

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