Wk3 – all change!

The plan for this week has changed already… I had planned on doing my Supersets Strength on Sunday… then I’d planned on doing the following:

Mon: 4.3M Run
Tue: Strength Supersets
Wed: Strength Supercircuits
Thu: 5M Run
Fri: Strength Supersets
Sat: Run or other wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest & Swimming Teaching

But it turns out with all the work and food prep (and swimming teaching) on Sunday, I didn’t have time for it, so I did the Strength Supersets this morning instead.

And now Thursday is all change as I’m now going through to Edinburgh again with work, so here’s my weekly plan reworked (including 2 coaching sessions):

Mon: Strength Supersets 2
Tue: AM Strength Supersets 1 / PM Strength coaching
Wed: AM 5M Run / PM Run Coaching
Thu: Rest
Fri: Strength Supersets 2
Sat: Run or other wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest & Swimming Teaching

It means strength two days in a row, followed by a run day, then rest day, then another strength day then run day, but it should be fine. (Strength, Strength & Coaching, Run & Run Coaching, Rest, Strength, Run, Rest!)

Sometimes life gets in the way, and It’s good to be flexible. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the plan and not get consumed by work again this week!

Oh and we had another visitor tonight. Lol.

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