Wk3 into Wk4: Tired

Today I’m tired. Dead tired. I know why it is, and there’s not much I can do about it. I just need to grin and bear it during a busy time at work.

At work, my usually very busy and productive boss is off work with family stuff, and I’ve kind of stepped up to take the helm. I can do it comfortably, but it is busy and with me doing part of her job and trying to do my own job, it’s challenging.

I think it’s going to be like this for the next 2 weeks at least, so I’ll need to be clever with my time and push back / hand off where I can.

The thought and time required so far has stepped up, and last week I clocked up around 8 extra hours of work by working late Monday – Thursday. Not ideal, but it has to be done. :-/

I’ve still been training, but less, and I’ve taken my eye off nutrition slightly, going back to old ways for just now, whilst I use my brain cells / power for other things. Nutrition is still good, but it’s not so low and high carb as it could be.

Days filled with meetings, and people and chats and things needing done now or that day. Keeping across my workloads, and my boss’ and trying my best to keep everything ticking over, and the majority done for her (fingers crossed) before she returns maybe in a week or two.

Even a trip to Edinburgh and a busy day culminating in dinner with an old friend (and a resulting very late night).

Today it hit me. You know tired that feeling you get after a very long run. Where you know you’ve used everything and the only things that will help are eating and sleeping? Your face is tired, you want to sleep?

Well that’s how I felt from about 11am today! And that was after a relaxing night, and we’d only run 7k after about 8 hours of sleep.

Here’s the training I did:
Mon: Strength Supersets
Tue: Edinburgh all day with work (rest)
Wed: Hills Running – coaching
Thu: Strength Supercircuits
Fri: Rest
Sat: 7k Hilly Park Run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Strength Supersets & Swimming Teaching

I had not the best sleep in Thursday night, and had good lie ins on Wed and Fri, but I’m still not over the week. I was non stop!

I felt it in my run today too. Tired and might have preferred a long lie instead! (But glad I did it). I’ve had about two weeks where I haven’t run much, to see if my strength training will benefit. And I feel a little like my fitness has gone down (it probably hasn’t), so in hopefully going to pick up runs next week again.

I’ve quit the long run for a few weeks, and on Sunday the 9th of Feb I’ve agreed with a friend that I’ll run 14-15 miles with her (marathon training starting soon), so I’d better get back into running of sorts!

The two weeks off running has led to a change, 2lb down in body weight and down from about 20.7% body fat, to 19.9% body fat. But I can’t give it up, it’s too important to me. So I’m going to pick it back up next week.

Today I came home and went for a 3 hour nap, which I needed. Jeezo. Too many brain cells been used last week. I’m going to try and get an early night and a good nights sleep tonight and then see if I’m fresh tomorrow.

Here’s my training plan for next week:

Mon: 4.3M Run
Tue: Strength Supersets
Wed: Strength Supercircuits
Thu: 5M Run
Fri: Strength Supersets
Sat: Run or other wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest & Swimming Teaching

I also have coaching, on Monday night, a run, and Wednesday night a strength session (I won’t be doing this one, just observing). As well as a chat with a client one of the days about his progress, 2 weeks into training.

All of that’s the plan, unless of course, life and work take over again and I have to put some training out of the window again.

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