Wk2 into Wk3

Last week was good, getting settled into training, and helping others with their training: a very productive and quite busy week in all.

Work is a bit busy at the moment as my boss is off, so I’ve had to be careful to keep on top of everything there. And I have. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the challenge actually. It’s also made me realise how much I know and how much work I get through in a day. Good stuff.

I met Mr Muscle on Friday of the week before, and he got my my updated workout and nutrition plan over to me in the middle of last week.

Here’s the training I did last week:

MON: Run Coaching with Super Garmin Girl
TUE: Super Squat Strength (plus a 25 min lunchtime run wi Annie.)
WED: Supersets Strength 1
THU: Rest (plus coaching Super Circuits with a new start)
FRI: Supersets Strength 2 (plus a 36 min lunchtime run wi Annie.)
SAT: 5k Temp run (wi Fit Girl)
SUN: Rest & Swimming Teaching

So 3 strength sessions, plus a coaching strength session. 4 runs, including the 2 lunchtime runs with Annie. And 1 rest day. As you can see, I’ve kind of cut back on the running, only doing coaching sessions or the odd speedwork session.

The strength work in the last 4 weeks has been good. I progressed my deadlift weight up to about 73kg and squat weight up to 56kg. Then this week I mixed it up with a different workout – 10 rep max… pushing it hard across 6-8 exercises. I’ll increase the amount of strength I’m doing and reduce the amount of running to see how that goes. (less long runs, more intervals / speedwork / short runs).

The food has been mixed up or simplified – just a HIgh Carb day and Low Carb day for food. High Carb on Strength days, Low Carb on run or rest days. If I’m honest, I don’t have the headspace at the moment to stick exactly to the nutrition plan, but I’ll make an attempt to.

– I’m helping 2 people in their training for the London Marathon – which seems to be going well.
– I’m also helping woman to learn to run to her HR and aim for a good half marathon run.
– I’ve recently met a guy who wants to Focus on himself a bit more and has asked for my help in achieving his goals.
– I helped a friend the other day, take steps towards a journey to better health and fitness: food and exercise mainly. I introduced her to a straightforward HIIT session (body weight or weighted) session the other day, and she wants my help to continue with it.
– And I’m enjoying lunchtime runs wi the amazing Annie – getting back into running after a bit of time off. I don’t think she realises that she’s good at running and she’ll be back to it in no time.

It all sounds like a lot of coaching, but it’s mostly spread out over the month and not weekly. 🙂

In the last week I’ve also been writing a new series of documents: my Focus on You series. I’ll write more about them sometime, but the first three looks at getting people to Focus on themselves more. Take some time out to look at their life and see if it’s what they want it to be: Happiness, Fulfilment, Beliefs, Values and Goals. An ongoing project to do when I’m not training, working or helping others! 😉

1. Focus on You Summary.
2. Take the Super Human Test.
3. Your Life: Who you are now.
4. Your Life: Who you’d like to become.

Next week I hope to do an extra speedwork session on Tuesday morning, before I go to Edinburgh with work, but it will mean a rather early start at 6am. We’ll see if I can make it! 😉 (I might give the strength session on Wednesday, or the Tuesday AM run a miss if I need a lie in instead).

MON: Supersets Strength 1

TUE: 6am: 35 mins speedwork run (30 sec intervals x 40)
(Edinbrugh for the day with work)

WED: AM: Strength Supercircuits
PM: Hill Session (Run Coaching wi Super Garmin Girl)

THU: Strength Supercircuits
(lunchtime with Mrs Fitness from work).

FRI: Superset Strength 2
(Lunchtime: 30 min run wi Annie)

SAT: 35 mins speedwork run (wi Fit Girl) (1 min intervals x 20)

SUN: Rest & Swimming Teaching

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