Wk2 – 5k Tempo wi Fit Girl

Last night Fit Girl and I were chatting. She’s fed up of her knee injury which keeps flaring up every now and again. It happened on the first run of the year, on a 4 mile run, great start to the year that was(!)

She had all sorts of specialists look at it (over about 4 years) and she’s more or less been told it’s just ‘one of those things’. 😦 It is rubbo!

So she’s changed how she trains, more strength work, and limiting runs to around 4 miles max, sometimes up to 6 or 7 if it feels good and doesn’t flare up. She’s more or less stopped entering events (10ks) as she doesn’t know if her knee will hold out and she knows how frustrated she’d be if she had to pull up in an event.

The other day one of her colleagues was talking about all of the events he’s entered this year, and (although she does heaps of training), she felt a little inadequate. She wants to enter events too, but she doesn’t want the disappointment of her knee flaring up and ruining it all. It’s a tough one.

So I suggested she aim to maybe enter 5ks instead. She thought they were a bit piddly… Not as impressive as a 10k or half, but I said they can actually be harder than 10ks as you tend to push yourself to go really fast over just 5k.

So this morning we got up when it was dark, and went for a fast 5k around the Clyde (nice and flat!!). We were going to aim for 8 minute mile pace, with a target of about 25 mins, but right away she was running at 7:40s, so I didn’t tell her and we just kept running.

Hard work, horrible. No chat. 😦 We don’t particularly enjoy these types of runs together as we’d much rather run a bit more comfortably, and chat. But not today.

Really good even splits from her, she stayed strong to the end and even ran though a stitch for the last km.

We stopped and both doubled over to recover. ‘That’s horrible’ we both said. Lol. Horrible running fast. 😉

My avg HR was 159 so right at the top of my effective zone (or 85%), max 168, so I probably could have pushed it about 5-10 beats more, but I wasn’t looking at my HR when I was running (for once). I was checking our pace was under 8 mins.

We might try speedwork and hills together and I might be able to persuade her to enter some 5k or park run maybe? Which park runs in Scotland are good ones guys? 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot, the time… Fit Girl ran 5k in a PB time of: 23:31. And it was a good wee hard tempo run for me too. 😀

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1 Response to Wk2 – 5k Tempo wi Fit Girl

  1. I regularly run the Eglinton parkrun, it’s a good run a couple of hills and some muddy puddles to avoid. My PB for there is 23.45 and Marc got his PB there also. He usually does the Pollock parkrun and seems to think that Eglinton is a faster route. I don’t know whether it’s people with New Years resolutions, but the attendance there has been climbing for the past couple of weeks. Plus the atmosphere at them is really good as it’s not too competitive.

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