What a difference ‘farm free range’ makes

I eat quite a lot of eggs, maybe 2-4 a day. I always but free range, usually from Tesco (I’m afraid) out of convenience. But recently a friend Janice who so happens to have her own Hens in her back garden, gave me a present of 6 of her hens eggs. Gertrude and Isa laid them I believe. Lol

Anyway, the difference in the size and taste of the free range home made eggs, compared to the Tesco mass produced free range eggs was amazing. And the taste of Janice’s Hens eggs was truly out of this world.

So when passing a farmers stall in Shawlands today, I couldn’t help myself and bought a dozen hens eggs and half a dozen ducks eggs.

See the difference in sizes of the eggs above. Left to right: – Tesco free range eggs.
– Free range farmers stall hen eggs.
– Free range farmers stall duck eggs.

If you want to know the difference in how much better the farmers eggs taste, got to your local farmers market and support them. I paid £3 for 12 hens eggs and £2.50 for 6 duck eggs. A little more expensive than tesco, but sooooooo worth it!


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