Two new life changing books

I’ve been reading this book for a month or so and it’s really good. Burn the Fat, feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. If you’re keen to lose weight, or even just learn about becoming lean, this is a great book.

Tom Venuto was and is a very successful natural body builder and he shares the secrets of the meanest people in the word. From mindset, to nutrition, training and advanced strategies, he covers it all.

A really good read and a great help to set your mind and body on track to improvement and change in your life.

The second book I’ve most recently bought is The Calorie Myth by Jonathon Bailor. He wrote the brilliant book ‘The Smarter Science of Slim’ where he promotes eating ‘sanely’, satisfying, non aggressive, nutritious and … I can’t remember what the e stands for!

Jonathan is a personal trainer turned author and has provided countless free resources including podcasts and Youtube videos (go into YouTube and check out ‘smarter science of slim’).

He talks about eating plenty of good, nutritious, natural and filling foods. He explains why doers don’t work, and offers a way of living to help you to eat more, exercise less (short intense or heavy weighted workouts), lose weight and live better.

His last book was a very meaty book, over 10 years of how research went into it. And I have a feeling that this book will be an improved and simplified version with a similar message. (Forward by the best selling author of Wheat Belly, William Davis.)

If you want to improve your life, I’d highly recommend you buy and read these two books. 🙂

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