Superset Strength Workout 2

Today was my Friday strength workout. I had a wee coaching session with a friend last night, Super Fit Fairy I’m calling her, I’ll tell you more about that another time, but this morning was my time to train.

Mr Muscle gave me this as my second supersets workout of the week. It took a bit of getting used to at the start, and I mixed the order up a bit to make it more efficient with weight swaps etc, but all in all it was a good hard workout.

– Barbell Deadlifts into explosive Barbell High Pulls.

– explosive Barbell Clean n Press into Barbell Reverse Lunges (which were a bit tricky with balance, but I got the hang of them by the second set).

– Moving push ups into Russian twists.

Then a finisher of Turkish Get Ups.

For the two tricky exercises (I’ll call them that just now): the reverse lunge and the Turkish get up, I find that some of the way to succeed at them is to make sure I can do them is to turn off the ‘god these are hard, nasty, horrible exercises’ into ‘I can do this! Think, use a lighter weight to start, get your form right and keep going’.

It works wonders! So I’ll try not to tree to them as nasty or horrible exercises from now on and try and see them as challenging instead. Something for me to master. 😉

The Deadlift was my bodyweight, and it was just right for 10 reps.

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