Bigger chest and smaller thighs!

So here’s the body measurement results of my 4 weeks of training and carb cycling nutrition:

12-12-13      08-01-14
Arm              25.5              25.5
Thigh           49.0             48.5
Waist           68.0             70.0
Hips             93.5              95.0
Chest            79.0             81.0

Waist to Hip ratio       0.73    0.74
Waist to Height ratio 0.40    0.42

Weight lbs                   124        125
Body Fat %                  18.9%   18.4%
Body fat lbs                   23.3      23.0

So a bigger chest and smaller thighs then! What every woman wants! 😉

Ha ha. Less fat (-0.3lbs) and a slight increase in my hips, waist and chest. Arms the same, Thigh smaller. 🙂 Most importantly I’m feeling a difference, which is good. 🙂

Have you ever heard of Waist to Height ratio? I’ve written before about it here. It’s a good way to set a goal without having to be worried about the numbers on the scale (lbs or body fat).

Divide your waist measurement by your height to get your Waist to Height ratio… and use the chart below for something to aim for. 🙂

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