Supersets Strength Workout 1

Here’s my Superset Strength workout Mr Muscle got together for me to do on Mondays.

I missed my Monday workout, and did run coaching instead that day. So today, I did my Monday Superset Strength workout instead.

3 supersets of 2 exercises for each (3 sets of 10 reps each), then a horrible 7 minute finisher at the end – as many reps as possible.

The top 4 exercises were good, the weight was just right. The next two, the pistol squat, they’ll take a bit if practice, but the T push ups were good. I’ll need to practice my pistol squats.

In the finisher I managed 56 KB 16kg Swing reps and 56 Burpees. Yuk!

50 mins, calories 275
Avg HR 123, Max HR 158, Garmin Training Effect 2.7.

I reckon I could add a few sets of Sledgehammers in between the supersets to really push it. 😉

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