Mr Muscle PT 2 & next steps

On Friday morning Mr Muscle came to my house for my second PT session. We talked about my food and my progress with training since the last time we met 4 weeks ago. And he took measurements and I weighed in too.

In the last 4 weeks, as you may know, I’ve changed my food by increasing my carbs on exercise days, and have lifted heavier than I ever have before in my life.

I progressed over 4 weeks to Deadlift 71kg and to Squat 56kg (deep) and lifted heavier on other exercises too.

If I’m honest, the food has been the most challenging part. Changing my mindset from ‘I’m a runner, I can eat whatever I want‘ to ‘I’m going to eat to a meal plan and stick to it‘. It’s been a big learning curve and I’ve realised that when I’m determined to do something, I can really do it. 🙂

To the most part I did stick to the plan. A few flexible days; Christmas Day, New Years Day, the odd pizza out and a few work Christmas dinners. But it was good to learn about eating differently and eating more carbs.

The best thing was that my sugar cravings went. I didn’t need mars bars or chocolate anymore and had all the energy I needed from what I ate. I said no to treats, as I wanted to see what would happen if I stuck to the plan and trained hard too.

The result?
I’m still to have my measurements confirmed, but 4 weeks ago, my body fat was 18.8% and I weighed 124lbs.

Yesterday my body fat was 18.4% and I weighed 125lbs.

So my body fat has reduced slightly but my weight (and my lean body mass has increased slightly.) Not much change, but change indeed, and change in the right direction. 🙂

New strength workout
Here’s the workout we did. We mixed it up a bit. 4 compound exercises, 10 reps each, 4 sets. Heavy weights, hard work and it felt harder each set. Simple, straight forward and hard.

Mr Muscle asked if he could take some photos, so there are two below (where I don’t look like I’m about to spew lol, trust me, there were times I felt like spewing!).

Here’s what we did:

Warm up:– Lying Hip Raise
– Single Leg Lying Hip Raise
– Lying Arm and Hip Stretch
– Pike to Press Up
– Kneeling Stretch to each side
– Standing Ceiling to Toes, Front Back Ceiling.

Main sets:
4 exercises, one after the other, 4 sets.
– Shoulder Press: 23.5, 21, 21, 21
– Squat: 43.5, 43.5, 43.5, 43.5
– Bent Over Row: 33.5, 31, 31, 31
– Deadlift: 53.5, 53.5, 53.5, 53.5
60 secs between exercises.
2 minutes between each set of 4.

7 mins of:
KB clean and press (7 reps)
KB swing (7 reps)

What’s next?
We chatted a bit about how we might make changes to see if I can reduce my body fat further and get stronger.

It all comes down to choice, and whether I choose to change things, mainly in the way I train and also in the way I eat. It comes down to what’s important to me, what I enjoy and what I’m willing to do.

As you know, I run, I’m a runner. I love running. There’s almost nothing better than getting your running gear on and going out in the cold crisp sunshine and going for a run. But running might oppose or contradict what in doing with the weights.

I’ve got to be the build, shape, weight and composition because of how I eat and how I train. Plenty of easy runs with strength training as cross training. Could I now change this to strength training with a bit of short sharp runs as cross training instead?

So the choice is mine. I could do more strength training (say three times a week, mon, wed, fri) and a little less, or different running. (Or I could keep my training as it is).

I’m keen to see what will happen if I change my training, so I’m going to give it a try and see what happens (remembering I have a marathon to train for, which is in 16 weeks). So I’m thinking if I try this for 4 weeks, then reassess and I’ll probably need to start training for my marathon (with 10-12 weeks before it).

A change in my running
For the next few weeks (maybe up to 4 weeks, I’m going to change my running to more short, sharp intense runs, rather than my long and steady runs. (I’ll still run with and coach others, but my own runs will be short and sharp).

I’d already said I was going to focus on my 5k time trials, but now I’m going to replace my long runs with strength training for up to 4 weeks.

Here’s the plan:

MON: Strength
TUE: Speedwork Run
WED: Strength
THU: Speedwork Run
FRI: Strength
SAT: Rest or Strength
SUN: Rest & Swimming Teaching

Here are the speedwork sessions il do (35 mins, with a 10 min easy warm up, 5 min cool down each):

– 30 secs fast: 30 secs recovery x20
– 2 min fast: 2 mins recovery x6
– Hill reps for 20 mins
– 1 min fast: 1 min recover x10
– 5k Time Trial
– Fartlek for 20 mins

I’m going to repeat the strength workout I did on Friday next week, and see how I get on. 🙂 Start up short speedwork, and do a few runs with others: coaching / helping. (See how I can’t give it up!! Lol).

And food wise I’m going to look at getting less carbs in the form of sugar (or fruit, less bananas and grapes, more berries), and more from veg and oats and rice. I think. In still to get a new meal plan to look at.

All good. 🙂

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