Super 8s Circuits x3

Here’s a simple straight forward strength circuits plan which almost anyone could follow.

It includes 3 versions of a circuit of 8 full body exercises, and kind of goes, beginner, intermediate, advanced.

I’d do the exercises for 10-12 reps, or 20-30 seconds, with 10-30 secs rest between each of them. (20:10, 30:15, 30:10).

Do as many repeats of the circuit as you want.

The first one is for someone who’s just starting out or someone who doesn’t have weights to hand.

1. Toes to Ceiling (bend over, touch you toes, then stretch up to the ceiling)
2. Power Squats

3. V Tricep Push Ups
4. Wall Press Up (or other Press Up)

5. Beat Your Boots
6. Plank Variation

7. Side Lunge Touch
8. Sprints or Jumping Jacks or Burpees

The second circuit is for someone who is a little more experienced with weights and has a kettlebell or dumbbells they can use. Lift heavy, work hard, limited rest.

1. KB Swing
2. KB Squats

3. KB Clean n Press
4. KB Bent Over Row

5. KB Squat
6. Hot Hands

7. Suicide Dips
8. KB Torso Twists

The third circuit is for someone who has a barbell they can use. Lift heavy and controlled, work hard with limited rest.

1. Plate Sledgehammer
2. Borrower Squat

3. BB Shoulder Press
4. BB Bent Over Row

5. BB Deadlift
6. Plank Walk Up

7. BB High Pull
8. Squat Thrusts or Mountain Climbers

You could do the circuits straight as they are, or mix them up (ie pick number 1 from the first circuit and number 2 from the third circuit, and so on.)

Just remember, if it’s a timed workout or the bodyweight exercises you’re doing, try to crank out as many as you can in the 20 or 30 seconds of work.

And if it’s 10 or 12 reps or weights exercises, focus on your form, the eccentric part of the exercise and be sure to safely lift the appropriate amount of weight to make you work hard. 🙂

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