How to deal with lack of sleep

This usually happens to me after a Sunday of week 1 after swimming teaching: I can’t sleep for thinking. This child, that class, this email I should send… blah blah blah.

My mind is too active up to about 9pm, and even with sitting watching a film last night before bed, I still found it hard to sleep last night.

It was made worse by being the last day of the holidays before going back to work. I’ve noticed on Facebook that there are a few people complaining of lack of sleep before their first day back, and I’d like to share a secret.

I have news for you, with a few mind tricks, lack of sleep does not need to ruin your day!

It happened to me the other day: Thursday night into Friday morning. I was having trouble sleeping and eventually only got about 4 hours sleep.

The way to deal with lack of sleep so that it doesn’t ruin your day – is all in the mind!

It comes down to either feeling like the world is against you and being negative and grumpy all day, or accepting that you only got x hours of sleep, but today is going to be a good day.

This might sound wacky but it’s all in how you ‘think’ about it today as to how your day will be.

Here’s two examples of how someone might deal with it:

Moaning Minnie
You could be a negative moaner and say all day, and say:

‘YAWN! I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. It’s so unfair, life is unfair, and I can’t believe I have to work today. I so need my bed. I’m tired and grumpy and today and going to be sh!t’

… or …

Happy Hilary
You can be positive, accept you only got 3 hours sleep, try and have the best day you can and say:

‘Yes, I only had 3 hours of sleep last night, but today is going to be good. I’m going to focus on staying awake, planning my day and doing a good job. I’ll do each task as it comes, drink plenty of water, eat well, look after myself, have a good relaxing lunch and a few breaks away from my desk. I’ll go home for an early night feeling like I’ve had a good productive day where I’ve done my best.’

It also works with how you interact with others. When someone asks how you are or how your holidays were, think about how you answer.

You are what you say, you think what you feel. So think that you’re good, and say that you’re great.

Remember your good time off work, and of you really can’t muster to reply bursting with positivity, just simply say, ‘yes, I’m good, how are you?’ with a smile.

Believe me, it works. Honest. It’s all in the mind and it works. 😀

Last thing is, that for days like today, it’s more important than ever, to wear your cape and fly (or at least try not to fall flat on your face!) 😉

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