My Fitness Pal App

I’ve never been one for counting calories. In fact, It’d be safe to say I CAN’T count calories. The brain power involved is just too much, and I’d always much rather spend that brain power on anything else.

I am keen to see how my nutrition is doing, especially now that I’m trying ‘carb cycling’, where I aim to eat more carbs on my exercise days, and stick to low carbs on my rest or easy days.

Someone suggested I use the My Fitness Pal app to track my nutrition and yesterday was my first day gifting out how to use it:

You can search for an enter, or scam barcodes and enter the food and liquid you consume, and you can set targets (calories and macronutrients %) and you can record other things like activity and weight.

This is what my macronutrient %s yesterday (on a low carb day) looked like:

For a female of my size and age:

Low carb should be between 100-150g. (Based on 1600-2000 cals a day)

High carb should be between 250-300g. (Something I know I’ll probably struggle with). (Based on 2000-2300 cals a day).

The app is clever in that you can set you daily calorie targets and (if you religiously fill it in) it makes you have accountability for what you put in your mouth.

It makes you think and might help you to make better choices, and it could be a great took to motivate you to eat well, exercise more and lose weight as a result of that.

I still need to play about a bit with the app, learn how to use it the best I can. But I can say it seems to be a great app, and one I’m sure I’ll see interesting results from. 🙂

Have you got and do you use the My Fitness Pal app? Any helpful tips for a beignet user?

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