Q: Running with a cold?

Recently, I got a query about whether you should run when you have a cold from a girl called Gen who follows my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page.

I’ve had this query a few times recently, and I thought I’d share the Q & A below.

Hopefully you don’t get a cold in 2014, but if you do, this might hep you decide if you should run or rest.

Q: Hey what’s your advice for running with a cold? Is it advisable?

I was marshalling at a race New Year’s Day and caught a bit of a chill :-/ and I’m meant to be racing tomorrow!! Thanks Gen xx

(Remember, I’m not medically trained, my advice is based on my knowledge and experience of running. It is down to you if you think you’re well enough or not… if in doubt, I’d rest and take time out – but here’s my reply.)

A: Hi Gen.

It’s very much an individual thing and tends to come down to how bad (or good) you feel, and what you’ve experienced in the past.

The saying goes:
– Above the neck – ok to run (but take it very easy).
– Below the neck – rest.

Running with a mild cold can sometimes be good as your body produces adrenaline which helps you fight the cold. You can also get natural decongestant.

Problem is that sometimes your body is busy fighting the cold and if you run and expect it to work hard, it struggles and you get more ill.

Sometimes rest, sleep and time out is better. But you’ll only know if you try. I’d say, take it easy if you do run (ie don’t push it too much). Or if you decide not to run, there will always be other races. 🙂

See more here:


Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on. X

Lorn 😊

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