Listening to my (overtrained?) body

It’s 3:37am.
And it’s now the second time tonight
That I’ve not been able to get to sleep
for over an hour.

Lying in the darkness,
Eyes shut, but lying wide awake.
Last night, I succeeded in going to bed, on target at 10pm,
But didn’t manage to drop off until midnight.

I was lying there, trying to sleep.
And all I could feel was my body beating.
My heart pounding away, slowly.
My legs throbbing away.

My mind was brought back to my Secret Addiction post:
I’ve been here before, unable to sleep, and I’ve sorted it.
I rack my brain to think what it is I need to do to get to sleep.

It’s 23:20, and I’m thinking about what training I’m going to do tomorrow.
I did a lot today, 45 mins hard work strength.
And then 6 miles of easy running.
Tomorrow I have a 2 miles time trial planned (4 miles running in total) and a wee half hour strength session.

I’m lying there, in the darkness,
Planning the route I’m going to do.
Along the Clyde, nice and flat with the wind at my back preferably.
Thinking of ways to make the run smooth, without road crossings or wind in my face.

Who am I kidding?
I’m lying there, my body throbbing from today’s training,
Plus the training (strength) from Tuesday and easy short run from Wednesday,
And I somehow think that 2 short intense workouts tomorrow are a good idea?!

It’s now 23:46 and I’ve conceded,
What would I say to someone else who was planning the above?
I’m having a rest day tomorrow, my body (and mind) needs it.
I relax, think of pleasant and nice things…


I wake, all hot and groggy.
The light is on and I’m disorientated.
It’s 2:11am, and Fit Girl has got up to the loo.
I’m awake again, and in a daze. 😦

I’m thinking about this, thinking about that.
I could do this tomorrow and that tomorrow.
Perhaps I could see this person, or that?
I want to write a list down so I don’t forget all the things I want to do.

I roll over and close my eyes tight.
I’m reminded of my ‘Ping! 2:36am’ post:
But this time it’s not waking up that’s the issue, it’s going to sleep.
I feel my quads throbbing again, and my heart beating, slowly.

I count my resting heart rate.
Looking at the clock, for 1 minute:
46 beats per minute.
I close my eyes and try and think of something nice to drift off to.

It’s no use, I can’t sleep.
Frustrated I get up and go downstairs, for a drink of cold water,
Sometimes that helps me sleep.
Like I say to myself: ‘Right! That’s it, after this, you’re going to sleep!’

3:20am, and I’m still awake.
I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow,
But I need to get back to sleep.
I’ll give it to 3:30am, and if I’m not asleep I’ll get up to relax.

I think about why I’m still awake.
I tense up different muscles and feel the DOMS: it’s clearly repairing itself.
Big heavy weights, my clever body is fixing itself.
I can feel most of my body, especially my legs, throbbing.

Perhaps I’m overtrained?
I need a rest day tomorrow.
I need to take it easy, take a break.
Time out to relax, smile and have fun. 😀


I’m getting up.
It’s 3:30am and I’ve tossed and turned enough.
Time to relax, time to sort myself out
And get ready to SLEEP!

I’m listening to my body
I’m going to get to sleep.
I’m going to get 12-2 (2), 4-7 (3) = 5 hours sleep.
The thought of it makes me want to groan, but I know I can do this.

I’m going to get to sleep.
And I’m going to rest and listen to my body.
Sleep is one of the most important things for good health.
And I’m going to get plenty of it… Starting NOW!

I’m going to wrap myself up in my cape, and SLEEP. 😉

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