Strength HIIT Circuits Sessions

I plan on doing a strength circuit once a week hopefully (on top of my Deadlift and Squat Strength sessions).

I’ll do 30 secs High Intensity work with heavy weights, and 10 secs rest.

8 exercises, one after the other, or 4 x two supersets, repeated.

Here are my two circuit options:

Super 8s Circuit 1
KB SwingKB Squat

KB Clean n Press L
KB Clean n Press R

BB Deadlift

BB Bent over row
Mountain climbers

1-10 Finisher
Power Jumps / Press Ups

– – – – – –

Super 8s Circuit 2
BB Squat

KB Clean L
KB Clean R

Shoulder Press
KB Romanian Deadlift

Press Ups
High Pull

21/15/9/15/21 Finisher
KB Swing / KB Squat

Repeated as many times as I fancy. 🙂

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