2014 Goals and To Do list

After looking back at 2013, I’ve had a think and set a few goals for myself in 2014. I’ve also added a bit at the bottom so you can do the same and set your own goals if you want.

Some of them are simply what I plan to do, some are more specific goals:

1 – Use strength and improved nutrition to get leaner and stronger (15-18% body fat, 2-5% reduction). (by end Feb).

2 – Train to run a 5k faster than I’ve done before (sub 21:33). (by end Feb)

3 – Train to run a marathon, and run the Belfast Marathon on 4th May (hopefully raising money for the Brightest Star Charity).

4 – Enter and run three other events up to marathon distance TBC: Half marathon, 10k and maybe something in between.

5 – Help others to achieve their goals: Continue coaching and helping others. Offer pacing services to big runs and individuals keen to ‘get a time’. Do more help / Q&A articles on blog.

6 – Record my activity better: spreadsheet / journal.

1 – Be Chief Bridesmaid at my best friends wedding – in a PINK dress probably – Eeeeeek – excited! (Sept).

2 – Go on a big holiday to the US or Canada (Oct)

3 – Make more time to spend with Fit Girl: Block out ‘Fit Girl Saturday’ to do stuff together – Train / Hill Walks / Shop / Relax (and evenings when I’m not coaching.)

4 – Adventurise more – more walks, cycles, trail runs, Munro’s, days away together.

5 – Visit and spend time with people who are important to me in: Skye, Stonehaven, Inverness, Wick, Glasgow.

6 – Put more emphasis on blog and less time on Facebook / check Facebook less.

1 – Make leaving work on time a regular habit: 9am start, start getting ready to go home at 5pm, to leave at or before 5:30pm. (Occasional long hours ok, but prevent them from becoming regular).

2 – Be more productive and help others be more productive / work less hours.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What are your goals for 2014?
Why not sit and write them down?

Some tips for setting and achieving goals:

1. Set specific goals (ie: a distance or time, a body fat %, an action, run 5k, run 5k without stopping, run a half marathon, 10k or marathon / train for and swim 100 lengths).

2. Make your goals measurable and set dates for when you’d like to achieve them.

3. Write your goals in the positive: ie: what you will do as opposed to what you will stop doing.

4. Write down why your goals are important to you (and your family) and look back at it regularly.

5. Don’t focus on too many things at once: have 1-2 main current goals which work together, with other side or longer term goals.

6. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate things, make your goals achievable and if you go off track, start afresh the next day and refocus on your goal.

7. Learn how you can achieve your goals: from friends, coaches, books, the internet. Get help and support from friends, family and colleagues. Make a plan and stick to it: what you’ll eat to improve your nutrition / lose weight. Daily meal plans. Training plans so that you have a plan to follow and motivate you. Get help from others who have done it already, or join them.

8. Take action to achieve your goals and keep focus on your progress and the end result you want to achieve. Stay positive and always take positive action.

9. Journal / record your progress. Numbers, %, how you’re feeling, how you want to be feeling. Think positively, confidently and believe you can do it.

10. Every now and again, assess your progress and make changes to help you achieve your goal.

And once you’ve achieved your goals:

1. Reward yourself.

2. Keep a list or chart of your achieved goals.

3. Set new goals to keep you motivated to always improve.

4. Help others to achieve their goals (if you want to and have the opportunity).

So, what are your goals for 2014?

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1 Response to 2014 Goals and To Do list

  1. I have chosen and signed up for my races for 2014 and they’re all new so completing them will be the main aim. I have also volunteered to help at some other events and may be support running with a friend. Like you I want to spend more quality time with my other half, cycling is his thing so I’ll be getting a bike and starting to cycle for cross training. I also want to get a sub 60 min 10k.

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