Looking back at my 2013


Looking back at my 2013, it didn’t seem as eventful as some other years, but it did include a major life event – Fit Girl and I buying a house together in May.

The house move and everything that followed seemed to consume a lot if our time and energy and replaced what we might have usually done in climbing munro’s and going on walk together.


Anyway, here’s what I did in 2013. I’ve split it up into sections;


May – Bought new house: number 33, same number as my age. 😉

June – Rented my 1 bedroom flat out. The months before that was spent getting it ready for letting. Easter weekend plus, was spent PAINTING every room. Eeek!

No holidays in 2013 due to the house move, but we’re already planning our next years big trip to the US which will be good to look forward to.


All year – travelled more with my BBC work: Inverness, Edinburgh, Stornoway.

Really settled into my role at the BBC, enjoying it, but sometimes tending to work long hours. Helping people, it seems, is in my bones. 😉

May onwards – Picked up my PT Running Coaching with 3 regular women to coach. 2 of whom are going on to run the Virgin London Marathon in 2014 – which I hope to help them get to / get through.  Here was my recent post about Long runs: Energy, Hydration and Recovery. And here’s a VLM long run training plan here too.

In June I stopped doing the Running Coaching at Kaizen Active, and focused more on helping people individually instead of as part of a group.

I also observed and gave feedback on a young footballer, his Dad was keen to improve his running stride and I was able to help.

Food & Nutrition

May also signalled the shift for me from eating porridge for breakfast, changing to eat eggs in the morning.  Yum.

August – I stopped Intermittent Fasting, after a year doing it, I decided it was best not to fast with my high levels of training. It has plenty of health benefits, but I was finding it wasn’t supporting my high activity levels (great for anyone wanting to lose weight though).

I had looked at getting myself to burn fat more effectively and rely less on sugar for energy, and I did this by making my diet mainly protein and fat based with little carbs.  There was the day I ran for 11 miles unfuelled, and the day I ran for over 15 miles (and got lost) unfuelled without much bother.  🙂

In October I treated myself to a Tassimo T5 Coffee maker. 🙂

December – I started a new challenge of ‘Carb Cycling‘ – along with Strength Training and clever training, I aim to get stronger and leaner.  (?!)

Not many events, I chose them carefully, walked the West Highland Way, did a sole marathon, a couple of other events, and helped pace three 10ks:

May – Walked the West Highland Way in 3 days. The first day and a half we good, the rest was miserable, due to the horrible weather. No views, just long long days walking on sore feet, head down get on with it stuff. 😦


End May – Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon. Running and camping with friends, and Pepper the dog.

September – My Glasgow Marathon – a 10 minute PB, 3:28:51. So chuffed with my best marathon ever.

November – Southside 6. A great small, scenic and friendly open road event with a fast start and an unforgiving and hellish finish (which nearly finished me off!)

10k pacing:
May – Women’s 10k – 50 mins
October – GSR 10k – 50 mins
November – Jimmy Irvine 10k – 60 mins

My year in numbers:
In 2013:

– I ran 1,111 miles in around 180 hours.
– My 254 runs burned over 86,000 calories
(307 mars bars!)
– My max distance run was 26.2 and my average distance run was 4.4 miles.

– I strength trained 72 times.
– For 53 hours in total, burning 21,000 calories.

– I also ran some as part of my strength training, 40 miles or so, so my running total is closer to 1,150 for the year.

2010: 646 miles,
2011: 1,300 miles,
2012: 1,000 miles,
2013: 1,150 miles.
4,100 miles in 4 years.  🙂

– My weight and body fat was maintained at around 124lbs and 20% body fat for the third year in a row.

– I walked some too, the 96 miles of the WHW, plus some more, walks to work and a few walks up hills. Must do more hills and hill walks next year. 🙂

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Now a little bit of what didn’t go so well / what I’d like to improve upon:

dreamstime_14825144– I spent WAY too much time on Facebook!  My Facebook page is fine, it’s the spending endless amount of time checking my personal page … blah blah blah. I don’t tend to check it at work, but I do check it first thing and last thing and lots in between.  It’s not good and it must be improved in 2014! Perhaps I should re read my post Addicted… to life?

Staying late at work – I’m in for 9 most days and generally there til 5:30 or later – when I could or should be leaving at 5.  I must get better at leaving on time!

– Too much sugar / craving / impulsive eating – hopefully my Carb Cycling and Substitutions to beat sweet cravings will help.


Look out for my plans for 2014… in the meantime …

What were your highlights of 2013?

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