Squat & Weights tips

Here are Mr Muscles tips for me when I squat and when I do my circuits:

Back Squats

Get low! Always make sure the top of your thigh is lining up with the floor. You will use a lot more muscle, particularly your glutes when squatting deep.

The second you can no longer push back up from that really deep position,the weight is too heavy – so we are taking a step back weight wise, which will let you take a few steps forward longer term 🙂

Knees out! By pushing your knees out to the side, you switch on your glutes, which are the most important muscles for driving you up from the bottom of the squat.

You will have days when you can’t go any heavier, but always try to add an extra kg each side of the bar if you can. With the main lifts, try to make your 4 rep weight become your 6 rep weight, your 6 rep become your 8 rep weight and so on each week.

Circuit tips

With the circuit, always try to get an extra rep in (e.g. if you did 10 last week, shoot for 11 the following week) , and if you can do 12, time to up the weight !

With the press ups, just try to add on another one each session.

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