Dehydrated after a long run

I made a school girl error today… which ended up with me being dehydrated with a sore head. Not good.

Friday night I asked my buddy Jackie if she fancied a run on Saturday morning at 9 and she said yes. I was meeting my sister in town about midday so I knew I could fit in my usual Saturday morning run beforehand.

The weather was meant to be 6-8’C and wet and windy. And it was. Ok at the start, then it turned apocalyptic towards the end.

I was up just after 8am, and at about 8:40am I ran the 2.5 miles to Jackies. I’d had half a banana and some Greek yoghurt to keep me going. Then I left. Pushing it a bit, I ran fast to get there on time, heart rate away up to about 165. Hard work. :-S

Lucky for me Jackie runs nice and easy and I love it. Easy steady pace, plenty chat and good times. We ran to Renfrew and back, and as we did the wind and rain picked up.

Close to the end, the wind and rain was mental. My ‘waterproof’ gillet that usually keeps me dry, was letting water in at the zip. We ran through puddles, and Jackie made a slight detour when she spotted a ladder across a pavement. I went right under it. 🙂 I had my cape on so no bad luck comes my way! 😉

Afterwards we were soaked through. 10 miles dead on as we finished. I went into Jackie’s to change into warm dry clothes, and she drove me home.

I was in a bit of a rush then to meet my sister and nieces, so I walked into town without having a proper breakfast. My head was starting to get sore, and I knew I was getting a bit dehydrated. I had a pint of soda water and the steak breakfast above (didn’t have the toast).

My sore head was kicking in though and I was annoyed I hadn’t drunk or eaten more before now. I ended up getting a bottle of water as I walked home (and did some shopping).

Then I managed to take 2 x 400mg of ibuprofen and a few hours later had the mean bagel and smoked salmon above. With some more water. Hey presto, my headache is gone. 🙂

It would have been better to eat and drink straight away, but hey ho. Ho ho ho.

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