To train or not to train?

Someone asked me the other day:

‘Do you still train over Christmas and New Year?’

I won’t tell you what I thought… but the answer is yes. Why wouldn’t I?

I know Christmas is a busy time: work dos, and catch ups with family and friends. The weather can be awful, it’s dark and cold. There are so many reasons why not exercising might sound like a good idea.

It can be easy to let other things take over and make exercise take a back seat. But I try not to. I usually have some sort of weekly plan or even a 6 or 12 week plan to keep me motivated to exercise.

Looking at it from another view, this time of the year might be an ideal time to reduce training and get a rest. 1-2 weeks over Christmas to recharge the batteries and take time out to have fun and enjoy yourself without the pressure of trying to perform/ train. 🙂

The only time when I am a little more flexible with my training is when I’m on leave from work. I’ll take more rest if I fancy it, as I’m on leave and sometimes there’s more to life than training. But usually over Christmas and new year, I plan 1-2 rest days a week and beast the exercise early in the morning before we do anything else. 🙂

In fact I just started my Super Muscle Strength Training plan with Mr Muscle. This is my first week. When I asked Mr Muscle for help a few weeks ago, he did ask a very sensible question:

‘Is this time of year a good time to start a new training programme?’

A good question, but I knew that the answer was, yes, it’s a good time as it’ll give me focus to stay on track and aim for something. I didn’t have a second thought when I answered him as I was keen to start something new.

So that’s what I’ve done. Week 1 of my strength and new nutrition programme, and I’ve earned a good rest day. I’ve been trying my ‘carb cycling’, different types of food based on the different exercise I do each day.

Here’s what I’ve done, and what I plan to do this week:

Mon: Super Muscle Strength Deadlift workout (high carb)
Tue: 7M easy run (med carb)
Wed: 5M easy run (med carb)
Thu: Rest ! (Low carb)
Fri: Super Muscle Strength Squat workout (high carb)
Sat: Long Run (med carb)
Sun: Rest (low carb)

The extra carbs I’ve been trying to eat include extra vegetables, fruit, oats and oatcakes, however I probably do need to re educate myself and eat more carbs on my high carb days.

So today is a rest day after two runs days which included 2 x 3 course Christmas dinner. It really feels like I’m earning my food, and it’s really made me think more about what I eat and helped me to cut out chocolate and get rid of my daily chocolate cravings.

We’ll see how I get on this and next week.

Do you still train over Christmas and new year? Or do you take a well earned rest?

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1 Response to To train or not to train?

  1. Andy Spence says:

    Hi Lorn, I aim to continue with 3 short but fast runs a week if i can with a longer hill run at a weekend…BUT, I could end up being sidelined with a Meniere’s attack which ive been suffering from for ten years (symptoms are starting to ramp up slowly nd will at some point put me out of action for a while)…..I get an attack which can last a few weeks which makes me very unstable on my feet….so I need to be careful.

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