VLM long run training plan

Are you running the Virgin London Marathon on the 13th April 2014?

If so, it’s around about 18 weeks until then…and you might want to think about starting your training.  If you are running for about an hour just now on your long run, you’ll have plenty of time to build your long runs up to the marathon distance.

A few of my friends are running it, and I thought I’d get together a guide for the long run part of training:

VLM 18 week long run guide

The image above is based on an 11 minute miler, but the spreadsheet here shows 4 different schedules based on 9 min miles, 10 min miles, 11 min miles and 12 min miles.  🙂

For a copy of my full marathon training plan – go here:  https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2013/10/13/run-stronger-get-faster-training-plans/  🙂

 Run Stronger, Get Faster, Run a Marathon Plan

If you are doing the VLM or another marathon in 2014 – good luck. 🙂

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