Deadlift Training Tips

Here are my training tips for my Deadlifts, which Mr Muscle got together for me:


Don’t be scared to go heavy ! The weight probably felt heavy today in contrast to what you are used to, but, in order to get significantly stronger, you need to really push the limits of what you are capable of.

Use your hips ! On the way up, pushing your hips forward will help you get the bar up with less strain on your lower back. On the way down, reversing the motion and pushing your hips back with your legs straight will also protect your back and ensure you are using the right muscles (hamstrings + glutes)

Take your time ! I would set the bar down in between each rep until you have the technique really nailed. This will allow you to reset and make sure each rep is a good one.

Here’s what I’ll be doing in my Super Muscle Strength workout tomorrow morning:

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