Got the big ones out

When I got my Olympic Barbell and 130kg of weight plates from Gumtree in June, I didn’t think there would be much point in me keeping the 20kg plates out.

With the bar being 16kg, if I added the two 20kg plates on, it’d be 56kg (my body weight as a matter if fact) so I thought I’d never lift that amount of weight. But I was wrong. 😀

I’ve already got to the point where I was squatting 56kg, and the other day for my deadlift with Mr Muscle, on the 16kg bar, I had:
2 x 15kg
2 x 10kg

66kg in total!

I deadlifted 10kg more than my own bodyweight!

Not for many reps mind, only about 4, and my grip was letting me down (I had some coaching points to think about too which I’ll post soon), but I did it none the less. 🙂

Lots of me is sore today after my strength workout with Mr Muscle yesterday, not really really sore, but sore enough that I know I did it: glutes, legs, torso, chest.

I did a nice easy 5.4 mile run this morning to ease my legs off. And have strength/HIIT planned for Saturday and a run with Fit Girl on Sunday. 🙂 (no swimming teaching as I’m off for Christmas holidays).

Food was good today, I are everything as planned (except the sultanas) and I’m about to treat myself to a nice wee Chinese takaway (as part of my 7 day meal plan). Chicken with cashew nuts. Yum.

All good. 🙂

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