My Nutrition Plan and Measurements

I’ll post my nutrition plan once I’ve finalised it next week, but it’s safe to say I’ll be adding more carbs into my diet on the days I do strength work and running as below.

Here’s the follow up email (about my nutrition and measurements) I got from ‘Mr Muscle’ after our session today:

So here’s your diet plan, in relation to your training days –

Monday – High Carb: Strength
Tuesday – Moderate Carb: Run
Wednesday – Low Carb: Rest
Thursday – Moderate Carb; Run
Friday – High Carb: Strength
Saturday – Moderate Carb: Run
Sunday – Low Carb: Rest

Let’s trial this for the next couple of weeks, and we can adapt it depending on how you are feeling… there are a lot more carbs than you are used to !

And here are your measurements –

Arm – 25.5 cm
Thigh – 49 cm
Waist – 68 cm
Hips – 93.5 cm
Chest – 79 cm

Body fat % – 18.8 %

Weight – 123lb

P.S. Loving my new nickname 😉

I’ve had a look at the nutrition plan and it involves eating a pre workout snack of natural yoghurt and half a banana before a workout or run, and having more carbs on exercise days, including:

– Oats added to my shakes on strength days.
– Oatcakes and peanut butter.
– Fruit (as part of breakfast/lunch): bananas, sultanas, kiwi, melon, grapes, veg.
– Peas and humous.
– Rivita and tuna / peanut butter.
– Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato
– baked potato n tuna.

Today my food was good. Although I was a little hungry before dinner. Here’s what I had today food wise:

Fasted strength workout.
Mocha protein shake right after, plus water.
8am Eggs, berries, cheese, banana.
Water, latte.
1130am Mocha protein shake.
1pm Chicken box, and Chicken and veg soup. Followed by grapes.
3pm Greek yoghurt, grapes, oats, nuts. Water.
5pm Banana
7pm Fish and veg (broccoli, carrots).
730pm cottage cheese, peanut butter, choc protein powder.
8pm 4 squares dark chocolate and a green tea.

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