Wk49 and Wk50

Last week went like this for me: 4 days consecutive running (Sun – Wed) then Thursday, Friday, Saturday rest and Sunday 10k run:

Mon: Failed strength attempt & 5k run
Tue: 5 mile run
Wed: 35 min speedwork run
Thu: Rest (morning in airport)
Fri: Rest & Panto
Sat: Rest (lots of sleep)
Sun: 10k run wi Fit Girl

Work hours were long at the start of the week including a long day at Edinburgh on the Wednesday. I managed to get a run in at 6am, and beat my previous distance for 35 mins. 🙂

On Tuesday I met ‘Mr Muscle’ and this week will be my first of three sessions with him. On Thursday morning he’ll be pushing me to my limits hopefully. I’m looking forward to a bit of fresh perspective for my strength workouts and had a good workout on Monday morning (this week) to set me up for it.

I’m also having a chat this week with a good friend to see if there are ways in which I can improve my nutrition to support my strength training.

With aims of reducing body fat and increasing muscle, I have to ask myself if this is really important enough for me to restrict or change what I eat even more than I do already. It might be reasonable, it might not be.

(Although it did help me to resist two chocolate fingers I was about to gobble up last night, so perhaps I want it more than chocolate!)

Here’s my training plans for this week:

Mon: Strength (and worked late)
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh with work)
Wed: 35 min tempo run
Thu: Strength wi Mr Muscle
Fri: Easy 5M Run
Sat: Rest
Sun: Long Run wi Fit Girl

It’s now coming up to the Christmas season, and perhaps not the best time to be looking to improve my nutrition, but I’ll do it. Next week I have two work meals out. Obviously I won’t be drinking, and I’ll aim to make good food choices and stop when I’m full. No greedy guts Lorn (which has been done, many a time!)


Now after my chat about probably becoming more strict and restrictive with my nutrition, I made this the other night after seeing it on the Clean Healthy Recipes page Facebook: well tasty, natural and a bit sweet!

I had a few spoonfuls last night and it was really good.

Perhaps too sweet so more for a treat, but a good healthy sweet option anyway.

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