Substitution to beat sweet cravings

Each night, after dinner, I get a craving for sweet food. Chocolate, sweets, anything sweet in fact. My main let down in what I eat. I crave mars bars, snickers, something sweet to finish off dinner.

I used to give in and have a Mars bar, I’d probably earned it after all. 😉 Then a better choice I thought, was a snack sized mars bar (and it was).

Then instead of a snack sized mars bar I’d have 2, usually 4, squares of dark chocolate. Or I’d have some other kind of chocolate or sweet that was handy.

But none of that was addressing the issue. The issue of habit. I didn’t need anymore food. I’d eaten regularly all day. I needed to change my habit.

I was thinking I could drink water instead, but they doesn’t quite cut the mustard. And I had thought I could go for something else sweet but healthier than chocolate, but that’s not the answer either. 🙂

So when I craved that little bit of sweet after dinner tonight, I made myself a cup of green tea instead. Too hot to gobble up, but healthy with few calories. Sorted. It seems to have stopped the craving. 🙂

Today food wise, I had the following:

Eggs n berries, latte, water.
Mocha milkshake
Chicken salad bowl, water
Greek yoghurt, oats and grapes
Cashew nuts
Cottage cheese, peanut butter, protein, blueberry sweet mix
Green Thai chicken curry, water
Green tea

Lots of food or not? 🙂 no sh!te anyway, and no hunger either.

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