My Food Diary and Nutrition

I’ve spent a bit of time over the last few days, since meeting ‘Mr Muscle’ thinking about my food and nutrition and how I can improve it to achieve my goal of improved strength and reduced body fat.

My body fat is relatively low, and I’ve had high activity levels for a long time, so exercise alone likely isn’t going to make much difference to me and my body. I need to change my nutrition too (if I want to change / achieve my goals).

So I thought I’d get the following information together so I can refer back to it. Warning: it is long, and you may fall asleep reading it. (It’s more for my reference if that’s ok. 🙂 and if you gain any thing from it, then even better!

Food doesn’t have to be complicated, it should simple. But sometimes it’s good to take a look at what and when you eat, and see if you can make better choices and improve things to help achieve your goals.

If you want to improve your nutrition, perhaps you could do a wee report on the following subjects (like I have):

– Goals
– Exercise
– Nutrition
– What works for me
– Ny Downfalls
– My ideas for improvement
– Books I’ve been influenced by (nutrition)
– Substitution

My Goals

Improve nutrition and exercise to get stronger and reduce body fat (over 12 weeks).

In the morning, 630am-730am, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri.
9am-1030am on Sat.
Alternate strength / running days.
Rest Wed, Sun.

Mon: Strength
Tue: Easy Run
Wed: Rest, HIIT or swim
Thu: Effective Run
Fri: Strength
Sat: Long Run or HIIT
Sun: Rest & Swim Teach

(Runs tend to be low intensity, except for once a week: effective. No longer than 2 hrs per run just now, until March/April for Belfast marathon at start if may.)

Sometimes easy run or run coaching one or two nights a week.

Plan is for me to focus more on strength / reducing body fat for 12 weeks, then increase long run and focus on long run (plus 2 others) for 8 weeks up to marathon, start May 2014.



Fasted workout / run (water only)

Breakfast 8am:
Scrambled eggs, berries (strawberries & blueberries), pine nuts, Greek yoghurt.
(Sometimes banana / cheese mixed in).
Coffee (latte or americano)
500mls water

Water 9am:
500mls water

Snack 11am:
400mls Coffee and Chocolate Protein shake (coconut milk)

Lunch 1pm:
Chicken salad box: cooked chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, flaked almonds, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar.
Berries, grapes or tomatoes
Water 500mls

Snack 3pm:
Greek yoghurt, oats and grapes.
Water 500mls

Snack 430pm:
Low fat Cottage cheese / peanut butter / choc protein powder / chopped nuts / blueberries

Option for a banana if hungry and not had one already.

Or cashew nuts as snack.

Dinner 7pm:
Meat / fish / chicken and veg
(Carrots, peas, sweetcorn, broccoli mix).
500mls water
(Whatever Sharon makes:
Sometimes pasta and mince / tomato based sauce.
Sometimes as above, meat / fish veg.

Regular (daily) craving for chocolate / treat or something after dinner.

Late breakfast 11am:
Eggs and tomatoes or Porridge
Water 500mls

Lunch 3pm:
Pub lunch / lunch out with Sharon
Aim to eat healthy, with meat or fish and veg.

Coffee out / latte, sometimes with chocolate or treat.

Weekend (usually Friday night, Chinese, half Friday night, half Saturday: chicken satay with fried rice usually.)

What works for me:
Good breakfast keeps me full til lunch.

I prepare and eat what I eat, through the day at work.

Tasty choc / coffee protein shake.

Drink plenty of water through out the day.

I don’t get tempted by other food / snacks / peer pressure / sweets at work (because I have my own food).

Prepped Lunch bowl / chicken salad.

Eating regularly through the day.
Improved diet month on month.

Always learning, looking to improve.

Making good food choices when out (fish / meat / veg), no puddings.

Regularly looking at the things I eat, and improving my choice (substituting it with a better choice: monthly).

Tend not to buy from canteen but if I do it’s a chicken or tuna salad for lunch.

No longer fasting.

No longer eating bread (home made salad instead at lunchtime).

I aim to live sort of by smarter science of slim principles, (with added sugar / sweets as downfall):

33 carbs, 33 protein, 33 fats approx
I’ve done this over a few years: by reducing carbs / simple carbs, increasing protein and healthy fats.

Feel fuller for longer but hunger / craving / HABIT sometimes comes later in day.

My Downfalls:

Hunger pangs sometimes at 5-7pm(after work) – go straight for sugar sometimes.

HABIT / Craving for chocolate / something sweet after every evening meal.

Try to have dark chocolate (4 small squares max) but sometimes just go for snack sized mars bar / snickers.
(If they’re not there I won’t have them but maybe need something else handy?)

Probably lattes (and puddings!!)


Sometimes saying ‘f8ck it let’s go for a macd’s’, once every two months.

My Dad brought me up to think – ‘Everything in moderation. Have a chip supper once in a while, or a coke, just don’t have it daily.’

(This probably influences me to just say ‘f8ck it, I’ll have a bit of chocolate / macds / forget about my goals for a sec’.)

Chinese every weekend, for Fit Girl as she liked then. I don’t really mind if I have one or not, I just go with the flow to make it easy and sociable.

Can’t get my head around counting calories / resting metabolic rate / calories required.

Don’t eat enough veg I’d think.

Fit Girl likes / cooks white foods: pasta, white rice, bread.

My Ideas for improvement

Continue to Eat regularly:
5-8 times a day.
8am, 1130am, 1pm, 3pm, 430pm, 530pm (opt), 7pm, 8pm (opt)

Protein shake after workout ?

No sugar!

Be careful of liquid calories: lattes etc

Limit fruit to be with protein or after exercise (bananas, grapes), eat berries instead.

Go for deep colours: reds, blues, greens, oranges, Berries, beets, sweet potatoes, spinach.

Drink plenty water.

Be more mindful of what I’m eating and have healthy options ready / available.

Stop eating when I’m full!

Slow down eating (I’m finished and Fit Girl has just started!!) :-O

Books I’ve been influenced by / nutrition wise:

Smarter science of slim – Jonathan bailie

New rules of lifting for women – Lou schuler

Why we get fat and what to do about it – Gary taubes

The paleo solution – ?

Racing weight – Matt Fitzgerald


I’m a big fan of a do a lot of substitution. Substituting foods you think you could improve upon, week by week or month by month.

Think of something you currently eat or consume which could be improve and phase it out by replacing it with a healthier option.

Examples I’ve substituted, to find out what works for me:

Corn flakes > quick porridge > home made overnight porridge > eggs and berries. (Result, fuller for longer, able to run for 2-3 hours on eggs or on empty).

Alcohol > diet coke > soda water > mineral water (result – no headaches, +££££ towards holidays)

Bagel and Nutella > protein shake (plus a big / eggs breakfast to keep me full) result: fuller for longer.

Potatoes > non starchy veg

Think that covers it all. 🙂 Loads to think about!

Find what works for you, and do it.

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1 Response to My Food Diary and Nutrition

  1. Jill Hamilton says:

    Lorn, I was wondering what is in your chocolate and coffee protein shake? I really struggle with the taste of whey and so I’m hoping your recipe does not contain it?

    Thanks, Jill

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