Food prep for travelling

I promise I’ll try not to complain too much about my long work day tomorrow:

Out the door at 520am, taxi to airport.
7am flight to Heathrow.
Taxi to Central London for 10am.
Finish at 530pm.
Flight home at 2130, getting into GLA at 2230.
Taxi at 2300, home for about 2330.

Out of the house for about 18 hrs.

As you probably know, I like to eat.
I like to be prepared, prep my food, have it handy, and eat little often.

So here’s what I’m taking with me tomorrow:

Cashews and chocolate coated Coffee beans (booom!)

Pork scratchings
(high protein, high fats)

And berries: Strawberries and Raspberries.

All in a tidy wee tub. 🙂

Lunch is provided, but I’ll be keeping myself topped up (and not hungry) throughout the day. 🙂

And I might just take a flask with my coffee / choc protein powder mix (no liquids – add milk in London) if I’m lucky. 🙂

I’m taking my book on the plane to read too:

Finally, look who’s coming with me tomorrow: team mascot: Iggle Piggle (from in the Night garden)

Ha ha. Should be fun.

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