Your Marcothon 2013?

Many people this year (and last) may be taking part in the Marcothon – an inspiring and motivational movement (I call it that because it’s what it feels like it is) where you sign up to run at least 5k or 25 minutes every day in December.

See more here:

I have to admit that:
1. I didn’t do it last year,
2. I’m not doing it this year and
3. If I’m honest I’d never attempt to do it…(I need my rest days / cross training days in afraid). :-/

…but I have to say that I think it’s great seeing so many people signed up for it and motivated by it.

(Pic from Debbie’s blog last year)

Started by Debbie Martin Consani and Marco Consani, this is now the 5th Marcothon and if you’d like to know more about how it started, click this link and go to this page on Debbie’s blog:

This year, thousands of people from around the world have signed up for it this year, and year on year it’s becoming more and more popular and I can see why.

There are scores of people signed up to the event page on Facebook (search for Marcothon 2013).

And people posting about their runs each day, their streaks and in increasing numbers, their failure to complete the daily streak of running. Time restraints, family, other commitments or injury sometimes get in the way, and that’s ok.

Or in some cases, people post that they’ve given up and their friends and fellow Marcothoners on social media round up and persuade them to keep going! Sometimes friends or fellow Marcothoners give people the kick up the xxxx they need to get out there and run, even in the last few hours if the day. 🙂

It’s a great thing to witness (even though I’m not a part if it!). It’s great to be a runner and know that we’re all runners who love to run.

(Sorry for the graphic pic, this was one on Facebook where Stephen ran a marathon in boots I think, and got the above injuries and still people were, jokingly perhaps, encouraging him to keep going / not be excused). I’m sure Stephen will do what his body tells him and will no doubt come back even stronger next time.

Anyway, through rain, wind, sleet, snow and sunshine, the amazing Marcothoners are out pounding the streets (and the treadmills too).

This is Day 2 of the Marcothon / December, so if you’ve run (more than 25 mins or 5k) yesterday and today, you’re in with a shout to keep your streak going and aim to run every day in December. Why not sign up for the Marcothon?

If anything it might motivate you to run when perhaps you wouldn’t normally, and remind you what a gift it is to be able to run.

And if you’re already signed up for it, well done and I hope you do well.

Happy running everyone. 🙂

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