Focus on Strength: Wk47 into Wk48

I’ve spent the last few days being sore. Sore from Strength on Tuesday and Hills on Wednesday. Sore glutes, hamstrings and calves…not to mention my sore forearms – presumably from my Clean and Presses on Tuesday. So I took Thursday Friday as rest days.

Here’s what I did last week. I opted for a second Strength session for the week today, instead of my usual long run.

Mon: 25: 5M Run wi Gill
Tue: 26: Super 8s Strength
Wed: 27: 5M Hills Run
Thu: 28: Rest
Fri: 29: Rest Leave
Sat: 30: Super 8s Strength
Sun: 1: Rest (or Run).

And here’s the workout I did today:

1 mile easy run warm up (and picked up my car and a parcel from the sorting office).
Then 5 sets of 8-12 reps of:
– Press ups / KB Swings
– Squats 56kg and 58.5kg / Single Arm Rows 12kg
– Chest Press (2 x 12kg) / Single Cleans 12kg
– Bent Over Row 43kg / Sledgehammer 15kg
Then a finisher of: 4 x 8 reps for these two exercises:
– Barbell Snatch 21kg / Dumbbell Deep Squat 10-20kg

The Squats at 56kg (my bodyweight) were ok, so I increased the weight by 2.5kg on the last set which felt fine. The row on the other hand, my form wasn’t as good as it could be so I’m going to reduce the weight next time to around 36kg and improve my form. My glutes are sore already… eeeeeek!

I’m going to focus more on Strength work than running in the 4 weeks up to Christmas now. When I do run, I’ll try to keep it to under 45 minutes, or do intervals. This coming week I’ll be doing a 35 minute run including 4 x 3 min fast: 3 min recovery intervals, and I’ll do a Strength workout on Monday and Friday morning.

I’m away with work Wednesday, Thursday, so my training will look like this:

Mon: 2: Strength
Tue: 3: Easy Run
Wed: 4: Rest: Edinburgh with work
Thu: 5: Rest: London with work
Fri: 6: Strength
Sat: 7: Interval Run
Sun: 8: Rest

With an option to swap my Interval Run to Friday and my Strength to Saturday. 🙂 I’ll probably be tired after a long day to and in London, so a run would probably be a better bet on Friday morning. I’ll see how I feel.

Not sure about Strength Training? See reasons for Strength Training here. 🙂

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