Kaizen’s 3 Rules for Weight Loss

As some of you may know, I’ve worked closely with Kaizen Active in the past.  Well today, the lovely Gordon from Kaizen posted this simple and straight to the point video, and I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

Kaizen’s 3 Rules for Weight Loss:

It’s just over 4 minutes long and is full of great info for how to keep your Nutrition on track; in summary:

1. Vegetables – green, microwaved steamed veg, stir fries, salads.
2. Protein – shakes, tuna, chicken, eggs.
3. Sugar – Be careful of / reduce or limit your intake Sugar / Carb intake.

– Eat food thats got loads of great nutrients, food can be easy and fast.
– Eat healthy snacks to prevent overeating later.
– Sugar and carbs don’t help weight loss: limit eating carbs to in the morning, or after exercise. Fruit is a carb, 1-2 portions a day max.

Lot of veg, lots of protein, healthy fats, be careful of carb intake. 🙂

I’d maybe add, drink plenty of water (and avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks or fruit juice too). 😉

See more info about Kaizen and how they can help you, here:
http://www.kaizenactive.co.uk or like the Kaizen Active Facebook page here.

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