Bananas – good or bad for you?

Someone asked me today:

‘Are bananas bad for you? Someone told me they were.’

Bananas could be considered ‘bad for you’ because of their high carb / fructose content.
Fructose is the name for the sugar contained in fruit and some fruits have more fructose than others.
Bananas have one of the highest fructose / carb levels compared to other types of fruit.

If the energy / carbs / fructose from bananas is not used (via exercise for example), the carbs/fructose causes an insulin spike, which in turn, promotes fat storage and prevents your body from burning fat.

If you exercise a lot and are not trying to lose weight, bananas are fine to eat.
It’s best to eat them (or carbs) just before or after exercise so that you body uses the fructose to fuel your workout, or fuel your recovery.

If you are trying to lose weight, bananas, apples and grapes should be avoided (due to their high fructose / carb content). There are better fruit options to eat which have a lower carb / fructose content (like berries or citrus fruits) and don’t spike insulin as much.

See more here:

That said – a banana is better than a mars bar or a packet of crisps!

For more (positive facts) about bananas, see here: Going-bananas/

Here’s a post about: How to improve what you eat and lose weight with other links at the bottom of the page.

If you’re confused about what should be on your shopping list / plate, here’s a 7 day guide and a good list of what foods are good to eat (Smarter Science of Slim SANE). Put simply: Veg, Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Select dairy: Greek Yoghurt / Cottage cheese, Nuts, Berries, Flax seed, Protein powder, certain oils.

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