Strange new concoction!

This new concoction, I’m not sure what to call it, is tasty, if a little strange.

I got the idea from the book Power Training, where the writer Robert dos Remedios, suggests eating lean proteins and fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

Above are his six pillars of nutrition ^

So from the meal / snack idea above, I came up with the following:

2 tablespoons choc protein powder
300g (a small tub) cottage cheese
2 tablespoons crunch peanut butter

Sectioned off into smaller portions (2 tablespoons in each portion).

Add mixed chopped nuts and a few raspberries.

It’s got a welcome sweet taste, whilst also being very filling and tasty too.

Pretty good as a wee protein filled snack. 🙂

Now, what will I call it?

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