26 Fitness Experts tips

Want some tips about fitness and health?

Go here:

Coach Calorie has got 26 Fitness Experts to provide 3 tips each.

And here are mine:

1. Be active. Exercise and do activity you enjoy. Make it a part of your life and a lifestyle choice. Be active on your own and with others. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

2. Think about what you eat and drink. Be mindful, eat when you need to and don’t do it out of habit. Treat your body like you would treat your baby’s body, fuel for you exercise and eat well. Eat natural foods, and allow treats in small amounts. Everything in moderation. Drink plenty of water, avoid fizzy drinks and limit or avoid alcohol. Avoid or limit sugar, deep fried foods and simple carbs. Always aim to improve what you eat and drink, bit by bit, week by week.

3. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Allow yourself to recover and take time out to spend with your loved ones, family and friends. Do what works for you.

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