Wk45 and Wk46

Last week was good training wise for me. I made the pledge to myself to get up to train most mornings, allowing myself rest on Wednesday and Sunday if I felt I needed it.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Super 8s Strength
Tue: 5M run wi Gill
Wed: Rest
Thu: 9M run
Fri: Super 8s Strength
Sat: 7M run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

It all seemed to work fine. Sore legs from Monday strength on the Tuesday and Wednesday, and for done reason I was really tired on the Tuesday night, so although I could have went for a swim on the Wednesday morning, I knew it wouldn’t be clever and might wipe me out, so I had a good rest day instead. Sore back Saturday Sunday from strength training.

Here was the sunrise over Glasgow on Wednesday as I lay in my bed! (Photo taken by Fit Girl on her way to work). The layout of my training worked well: 2 intense strength session, enough time to recover, and 3 runs.

Here’s the slits from my 9 mile run on Thursday before work. I oddly managed to get each two mile splits almost the same, and although it was a bit tough at points, I managed to finish strong and felt great for it.

Thursday was also the day I completed my 1,000th mile for the year so far. I’m not sure I’ll get to 1,200 miles this year, but I should get just over 1,100 I’d think.

Wednesday and Friday were Children in Need days at work. Wednesday night was a good Comedy night where I helped out, and over £2000 was raised. Some very funny stand up comedians too. Friday was PJ day for me at work £181 raised by me, and over £13,000 raised by BBC Scotland employees. Not bad eh?

(Sunset over wick taken by my sister inane Cecilie – I do miss the big skies up there).

Next week I’m sticking to my same routine, with maybe a swim on Wednesday (or maybe not):

Mon: Super 8s Strength
Tue: 5M run (intervals perhaps)
Wed: Rest or swim
Thu: 8M run
Fri: Super 8s Strength
Sat: 9M? run wi Julie-Ann
Sun: Rest

Intervals early on Tuesday before I travel through to Edinburgh to work from there. And a long run with Julie-Ann out at Houston – not sure how long. The longer the better to get some good quality chat in. 🙂

I hope I’m as successful getting up next week as I was this week. On Friday last week, I very nearly went back to bed after getting up, but I forced myself up and I’m glad I managed to get my second strength workout if the week in before work. No excuses.

Last week I was trying to be better with my food, trying to make sure I had plenty, but I was finding I was still getting hungry and 3-4pm, despite eating quite a lot, so I’ll need to rethink it.

Here’s what I was having:

Breakfast: eggs, berries, spinach and coffee
Snack: mocha protein milkshake
Lunch: chicken mix bowl
Tomatoes for snack
Snack: Greek yoghurt, grapes, oats
Snack: smoked salmon, philly cheese and spinach.
Snack: banana.

Then I was finding myself craving chocolate so I need to do something about that. More FOOD! Try to get the balance right.

I’ve been reading two books which might help:

There’s a good section in this book about nutrition. Including these few meal / snack suggestions:

And this one:

And this one that looks good too I thought:

This is the general summary advice from the power training book:

All common sense and what I should be sticking to.

And there’s this book too, I’m still part way through it and although I’ll not use the weights programme in it (I’ll continue my simple super 8s strength programme), the nutrition part looks good.

Now I’m waiting for our new fridge freezer to be delivered. The one we bought in June kept making loud cracking noises, and after a few engineer visits and a long letter to Samsung and copied into Currys, Currys eventually decided to replace it with another make.

We ended up going for a Sandstrom one, which oddly goes with our digital radio in our kitchen, (not the reason we picked it). Boring stuff, but just shows you what you can get when you’re persistent, write letters of complaint, and be nice to the company you bought it from.

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