Do you have a spare £1 or £5 to donate?

Tomorrow, the day of Children in Need we’ve been asked at work to wear our PJs. I was doubting if I’d do it, but since no one else seems to be doing it, I figured I might as well be one to look silly on Children in Need day.

Why not eh? Comfy slippers and everything? ;-P Should be fun.

Last minute, I’ve set up a wee donation page here just in case you’d like to sponsor me:

You can even text your donation to my just giving page, text:

‘LPPJ80 £1’ to 70070

(Change the amount if you want to).

I’ll promise to post a few fun pics tomorrow if you donate. 🙂
I have some nice sexy purple fleecy dotty once and my comfy slippers..

It’d be great if you could either donate on the page or text your donation as follows:

Text GIVE to 70101 to give £1.

Text DONATE to 70705 to give £5.

or or go here for other ways to donate:

Please comment on my Facebook page if you donate, but do it via another method than the page I set up so I can thank you for donating. 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

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