Lucky Charm Lorn

I have to say, sometimes I sit back and look at my life and am so grateful and happy to have everything I have and that I’ve become the person I’ve become.

I feel lucky and today, somehow, I seem to have shared my luck with others.

Today after work I was fortunate enough to be able to help out at a Comedy Stand Up night for Children in Need. Plenty of great comedians, and over 100 staff and guests there to have a laugh and have some fun.

I had a busy day at work, but just before the event I looked down at ‘The Street’ and suddenly felt very fortunate to be there. 🙂

Pudsey was at the event, and it was great to meet him. I helped out with others, selling raffle tickets for five prizes which included:

Tickets to Edinburgh Zoo,
Tickets to a Dundee Utd game,
a two night stay in Inverness,
a 90 minute Yoga 1-1 class and
Tickets to a dinner and Ceilidh.

I sold around a 60-100 tickets (at £1 each), and over £500 worth of tickets were sold by everyone.

To my surprise every ticket which was randomly drawn on stage, was a ticket which was sold or given to the winners by me!

It seemed my luck and positive vibes were spread to the five winners. 😉 A great event and a joy to help out on (not to mention meeting Pudsey the bear!)

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