Lumie Alarm Clock

Recently I received a very welcome gift of a rather substantial voucher for wiggle… so I decided I’d buy myself one of these: a Lumie Daylight Alarm Clock.

It arrived the other day and today was the first time I woke up to the light and the ‘dawn chorus’. The alarm was set for 6am, but I was awake from 5am… I guess I need to get used to it and trust it to wake me up.

It has a cool sunset feature you set it to a light brightness and over time the light dulls down until it leaves you in darkness.

After a night of 7 hrs sleep on Sunday night, and about 6 hrs sleep in Monday night, I’m aiming for 9 hopefully tonight. My legs are sore from strength on Monday and I’m tired too, so a good sleep will no doing help.

Let’s hope the light and tweet tweets wake me up for tomorrow morning! ;-P night night.

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