My 6 week reset

It’s been about 6 or 7 weeks since I ran my marathon and I’ve taken the time out to recover and just do as I please, running, strength and the odd already planned event / pacing: Southside 6 and few pacing runs (GSR run 10k, Janice’s 10k).

The last few weeks have been taken up by work with less focus on my training. I’ve done what I wanted and rested when I wanted with no real focus on one thing.

Now with 6 weeks to Christmas I’m going to reset and aim to do this training each week:

Mon: Super 8s Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: Rest / Swim
Thu: Run
Fri: Super 8s Strength
Sat: Run / Strength / whatever with Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

Nice and simple. I’ll do the above training in the mornings before work, and if I have any runs with Fit Girl or PT sessions, they’ll usually be at night.

The reset also includes plenty of food and water:

Breakfast: eggs n berries
Snack: mocha protein milkshake
Lunch: chicken salad box and Greek yoghurt n grapes
Snack: smoked salmon, spinach and philly cheese
Snack: cherry tomatoes
Snack: maybe a banana if I’m lucky. 😉
Dinner: meat / fish n veg.

Stay off the Mars bars and snickers / sugar until the weekend (Saturday only) – wish me luck with that one!!

And the last part is plenty of sleep!
Last night I got 7 hours, each night I’ll aim for between 7-9hrs sleep.

So today I started my Super 8s Strength and I can feel it already. Mainly in my back and my hands (KB clean n press).

Tomorrow morning I’m running with Gill and on Wednesday, depending on how I feel, I’ll either swim or rest.

Oh and I have 10.5 miles to go before I will have run 1,000 miles this year. Yippee! I’ll hopefully reach 1,000 miles for the year on Thursday.

Do you fancy doing a 6 week reset before Christmas? If so, what will you focus on?

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