Garmin baldness

This might be an odd post.

I wear my Garmin 610 a lot.

Most days: Running, walking, living.

Today I noticed something odd on my left forearm.

Running my right fingers over my left wrist, I noticed a strange feeling on the top of my wrist. Like balding on my wrist. And I realised it is: the top my wrist is bald, Garmin bald.

Here’s my hairy right wrist. Lol.

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One Response to Garmin baldness

  1. Alexander Beggs says:

    I hear that there’s a Harley Street Clinic specialising in hair replacement therapy, if it can work for Rooney’s head I’m sure they can work wonders on your wrist. Lol
    Though I must admit that the bottoms of my legs are baby smooth from wearing army boots for 22 years. 🙂

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