Ash Beckham – Closets

I watched this the other day and liked it: Ash Beckham sees hard conversations as ‘Closets’ – closets can cause stress and it’s better to be open and honest and be yourself.

Sure she’s gay – but she relates closets to all sorts of other subjects – telling someone you love them, admitting affairs or that you don’t love them anymore, telling someone you have cancer, or that you’re pregnant.

At 2:30, she gently confronts a 4-year-old. At 3:30, she explains how hard it is for straight people to come out of the closet. At 7:53, she makes a hard decision. And at 8:56, she shares three rules about pancakes and life that you should follow.

1. Be authentic – take the armour off, be yourself.
2. Be direct – just say it, take the band aid off.
3. Be unapologetic – you’re speaking your truth – never apologise for that.
(apologise for what you’ve done, but not for who you are).

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