Daily Archives: November 10, 2013

Food prep Sunday

After more or less a week of eating way out of routine in Stornoway, I’m back to normal next week. Eggs and berries for breakfast (with a bit of Greek yoghurt, some spinach maybe and some pine nuts). Lunch will … Continue reading

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Garmin baldness

This might be an odd post. I wear my Garmin 610 a lot. Most days: Running, walking, living. Today I noticed something odd on my left forearm. Running my right fingers over my left wrist, I noticed a strange feeling … Continue reading

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Ash Beckham – Closets

I watched this the other day and liked it: Ash Beckham sees hard conversations as ‘Closets’ – closets can cause stress and it’s better to be open and honest and be yourself. Sure she’s gay – but she relates closets … Continue reading

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